Clonography 1985​-​1995 Volume One [Digital Edition]

by Deviant & The Clones



A compilation of Deviant & the Clones tracks from the 1980s. The Digital Edition is substantially different than the 2001 CD release. Half of the material on that version came from Futura Bold (not included here), which has since been re-issued. When the decision came to post a compilation of early Deviant & the Clones material, we thought Bandcamp users and Deviant aficionados would be better served by a more efficient and expanded version (with 9 bonus tracks if you purchase).

The Digital Edition takes tracks from:
Animal Man (1985)
Sin (1986)
Still Cloning Around (1987)
Deviant, Satan & Bragg (1989)
Fuck Off, We're Back (1990)
Folk Off And Die (1989)
Outaches: Deviant Rare (1989)
Snippets EP (1995)
plus one previously unreleased track.


released February 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Deviant & The Clones Vancouver, British Columbia

Deviant: underground musician and by-product of the thriving Vancouver scene 1981-1992 (Mary, Deviant & the Clones, Six Inches, The Economy, etc.). Active in Chicago 1994-2010 (El Demento, Pimmel, and other projects under various other pseudonyms [iGod, X-bax, Chord, Naked & Shameless, Charlie III, etc.). Now living in Los Angeles continuing with previous projects and launching new ones. ... more

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Track Name: Playing God With Insects
All afraid and all alone you swat a common fly
He would have survived the fallout - you would have died
So you kill it because it's tiny and you control its life
No control of your life
Playing God with insects
Track Name: Our Friend Neal
Oh Neal, what happened to my brother
He's 8 feet tall, kinda ugly and he hovers
Over there by the bathroom
And I've got to take a dump there
Before it goes too far
I guess I better call my mother
Pardon the expression, but he looks like hell
What have you done to him, Neal?

Our friend Neal...

I should have been suspicious when I met your other friends
They took off all there clothes and held a seance in the den
Things around here changed when you evoked satanic ghouls
At least the kids are quiet now when they come home after school
I'm not the kind of guy who frightens very easily
But that slime you ate for breakfast made my stomach pretty queasy
It isn't very cold but your breath is always steamin'
I put two and two together and it comes up you're a demon!
Pardon the expression, but you look like hell
What's going on with you, Neal?

Our friend Neal...
Track Name: Go To Hell
I'm not just flesh and blood
So tell me now
Who is this God who threatens my position?
I'll do as I desire
Show me a court that's higher
It's all superstition
And so you cast a spell
You tell me that I'll go to hell
I've got news - guess where I'm living
What acts have you committed
What words have you bullshitted
You have such gall to call me bad...
Just go to hell...
Track Name: Thieves Are Thieves
Where does the fiction end?
At the end of the stage? No!
I put the bruises on your hips
And the cold sores on your lips
How do you want to die?
Have you got your seven sins?
How about a cancer?
Or will a bullet do you in?
Coca-cola classic kids
Spending the summer in Brazil
Terracotta Porsches
And daddy pays the bills
But he's in a special prison
He borrowed company funds
All the cons there are bankers, accountants and bad nuns

A thief is a thief...

And have you fucked for money?
How do you support your habit?
I don't want no phone job - I don't work for gratis

And I'll show you who you are
In the backseat of your car
I love you
And I don't want to go to school
Had enough of that shit
I just want to be loved but I can't steal it...
Track Name: Splitting Image
Sad, slow, and boring song
Is this the shape of things to come?
And if it is, why do I try at all?
Maybe we can set the date
To suffer the Huskers fate...
And my image seems to be splitting

And I'm sick to death of these pretentious worms
Sacrificed a normal life to spill my guts on the floor for you
Who are these people?
And why do they matter at all?
My image seems to be splitting...
Track Name: Hemlock
What was I eating - hemlock or Heather?
Can't stop the bleeding
Does it get better?
There's something you're not telling me
Find a way to tell me honestly

It disturbed me - what you said
Draft my apology
Bars of a cage
We came together
Became outraged
There's something you're not telling
Find a way to tell me honestly

I cannot live like this anymore
My body's riddled and festered with sores
Am I really passing on?
There's something you're not telling me
Find a way to tell me honestly

I need answers
I need a sign
No one believes me
Do I have time?
Have you forgotten?
Did you forget?
How can you mock me?
I paid my debt
Track Name: If God Is Dead
Ambitions were never ambitious enough for me
Nothing left that I want to be
I heard the news - can it be true?
Now *there's* something I'd like to be!

If God is dead, then gimme the job...

Taking the power is a lonely road
Who cares if you've got control
Stick a needle in your eye
Just did it and don't know why
Because you lied to me

If God is dead, then gimme the job